Bad news, everybody!

It's the diff. I'm having the truck towed tomorrow morning to an independent garage that specializes in Toyota trucks to have a used rear end put in for the princely sum of $1000 + tax... cheaper than the $1800+tx that the dealership wanted. A new diff would have been well past 2 grand. » 3/18/15 4:03pm 3/18/15 4:03pm

​Supersonic car gets its superwheels

The BBC has an interesting story about the wheels being prepared for the Bloodhound SSC that I thought you might enjoy. » 3/14/15 10:38pm 3/14/15 10:38pm

Tips to increase the resale value of your car

I found this on Lifehacker. It's a bit oversimplified, but some of the tips are good. For example, shine the wheels and do a headlight restore to improve the appearance of the car. » 3/07/15 11:42am 3/07/15 11:42am

Gran Tourismo 5 - engine sounds

I fired up GT5 last night for the first time in months. It was also the first time since I've played I installed a proper home theatre receiver and quality speakers. The sound of buzzy vacuum cleaners has never been so clear! » 3/05/15 10:21am 3/05/15 10:21am

DTM + RallyX = !!!

I've been looking forward to the DTM season opener in May, and things just got better: it's been announced that there will be a rallyx event at Hockenheim on the same weekend. » 2/22/15 10:49am 2/22/15 10:49am

Today I learned...

... that it's a bad idea to buy a car immediately after Christmas. Vacation bills + gifts + car purchase + insurance & reg + winter utility bills ($180/mo for heating, vs $0 in the summer) makes my credit card very sad. » 2/15/15 3:24pm 2/15/15 3:24pm

About cheap cars and privilege

Over on The Truth About Cars Jack Baruth has written an article about taking a trip in Matt Farah's "Million Mile Lexus" and some of the unexpected costs of owning an old, unique, or complicated vehicle. » 2/04/15 11:58am 2/04/15 11:58am

Achievement Unlocked: Winter car repairs

While everybody else was watching the pre-game show or preparing hot wings, or just simply staying in from the -15C cold, I was outside cursing at my car. » 2/01/15 10:13pm 2/01/15 10:13pm

A list of lists - preparing for overland adventure

Now that I have my truck, it's time to start planning. Because I have a lot of things to plan, and because I'm terribly disorganised in general, I'm going to make a list. This list will enumerate all the other lists of things I need to do/buy/prepare. » 1/24/15 4:55pm 1/24/15 4:55pm

Early mid-life crisis averted!

I have dodged a bullet. Instead of putting my marriage in peril with the luxurious catastrophe that is a Land Rover LR3, I went in a different direction and purchased a nice, reliable and safe appliance with a V8. » 1/22/15 9:45pm 1/22/15 9:45pm


So my regular insurance company just refused to offer me insurance for a 4x4 because I might take it offroad. They wouldn't even sell me a regular package for on-road usage only. What in the fuck? Now I have less than a day to find a broker and get some insurance from some random company because I might go offroad a… » 1/21/15 11:56am 1/21/15 11:56am

Test drove a 4Runner today...

It was good. Very good. Solid as a rock, cleanest 10 year-old car I've ever seen here in Montreal. The current owner is very particular about maintenance and has all the records. » 1/14/15 9:09pm 1/14/15 9:09pm